Green Hosting

Here at 3EDIA we are committed to renewable energy, which is why we power our hosting with 100% clean electricity, from sources like sun, wind & sea.

Windmills operate producing green energy on hill slopes
Green Energy

Doing the right thing

By utilising Ecotricity’s 100% renewable energy, we are able to make a conscious commitment to being an eco-friendly business.

Green Datacentre

Eco-friendly data centres

We are a sustainable company that is committed to environmentally friendly practices. That is why all the power consumed by our datacentres comes from 100% renewable sources and every one of them has achieved an impressive PUE rating of 1.2 or higher.

Datacenter for storing large amounts of data, and is an important hub for the internet
Newly planted trees in a row in forest
Green Purpose

It is our moral imperative to combat climate change

We are working hard with some amazing organisations to conserve, restore and grow these precious woods around the world while funding climate-saving projects in countries across five continents. That is why every website we create we plant one tree on behalf for all those who need a little more green space than they currently have available – because healthy forests benefit people as well animals (and fish).